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Meet the Team

Meet the creative force behind HYPE: a dynamic team of visionaries, storytellers, and digital wizards dedicated to transforming your brand's online presence. With a knack for innovation and a passion for compelling narratives, we're not just a media team but architects of engagement, crafting bespoke visual stories that resonate, captivate, and drive action. 

Our expertise spans the digital landscape, ensuring your brand doesn't just get noticed—it dominates. 

Welcome to HYPE Media, where creativity meets impact, and your brand's potential becomes our latest success story.

Tiago AI Reedit
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Tiago Williams

Founder / CEO

A visionary sales and marketing maestro with a decade of success in elevating brands across hospitality, personal branding, and fashion.

Andrea AI Reedit
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Andrea Williams

Art Director

The creative powerhouse behind our stunning advertising visuals, innovative set designs, and impeccable actor styling.

Chac AI Reedit
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João Perdigão

Content Director

Meet our premier camera magician, turning creative sparks into marketing gold and captivating audiences frame by frame.

Domingos AI Reedit
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Tiago Domingos

Content Producer

Master of the artistic touch, his videos and photos captivate with creativity and flair, making him an invaluable,

swiftly innovative asset to our team.

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