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Informational content that is lively and engaging is crucial because it can help hold the audience's attention and keep them interested in the topic we want to highlight.

This type of content is often more memorable and easier to understand than dry, dull content, making it a valuable tool for education, marketing, and communication.

Additionally, lively content can help to build a connection between the audience and the content, making the information more personal and relevant to their lives.

In Social Media (another form of communication), lively content can help to build a rapport with the audience and make the information more relatable.

This can be especially important when the information being communicated is complex, technical or confusing, as it can help to make the material more accessible and understandable.

This piece of content we created for The Black Market wasn't only necessary but vital. It changed their guest's perception and how the Market started communicating with their targeted audience resulting in a positive impact on vendors, partners and guests visiting the Market. 

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