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Promotional Video

Videos are essential for showcasing cocktails because they can provide a dynamic and engaging visual representation of the drink.

Videos can highlight the ingredients, the preparation process, and the look, smell, and taste of the cocktail, all of which are essential factors in determining its appeal to potential customers.

By showcasing the cocktail in a visual format, videos can help to build excitement and anticipation for the drink, making it more likely that customers will order it.

In addition, videos can be a valuable tool for demonstrating a cocktail's unique features and selling points, such as its creative presentation or use of individual ingredients.


Finally, videos are a versatile format that can be shared and viewed on various platforms, making it easy for bars and restaurants to reach a broad audience with their cocktail offerings.

Whether posted on social media, including on a pub's website or shared via email in a newsletter, videos can help increase cocktails' visibility and popularity, making them an essential tool for any beverage marketing and promotion strategy.

We reinvented the Cocktail Making craft at The Shelbourne, delivering more than content but an experience to all their guests and friends visiting the iconic pub in Cork City. 

If you are wondering, we pick up your brand; we create an identity. While you still have fantastic cocktail videos, you will have them designed especially for your brand on your concept, considering the decoration, atmosphere and personality of both the target audience and Staff members, 

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